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Retail Tableware / Altarware


Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers PewterTrade Mark
Retail Conditions and Terms of Sale
Pewter is a commodity and subject to market fluctuation.  Prices may change without notice.
We constantly have stock on-hand.  Most orders are processed and shipped within one (1) week.  Many go out the next work day.  Depending on size of order, commitments and time of year, orders may take up to 6 to 8 weeks.
All orders are processed on a first come first serve basis.


Prepayment or Pro-forma on initial orders. NET 30 with approved and established credit. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER.  All orders must be paid in U.S. (United States) Dollars.
There is a $25.00 fee plus any additional fees incurred by Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter for any returned checks, declined credit card charges and improper credit card chargebacks.
Partial payments are for approved and established accounts only and must be preapproved by Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter for each individual order.   Partial payment orders must be paid in full within the NET 30 days or late fees will be enforced and account will be returned to prepayment status.

Sales Tax:

OH Residents  To find your county tax for your Order Total go to Tax Rates & Changes
Pennsylvania residents add 6.0 % sales tax

Late Fee:

A 1.5% per month service charge will be made on invoices extending past our regular NET 30 based on shipping date. Late accounts will be placed on a Prepayment basis only.  Customer is responsible for collection fees, court costs and reasonable attorney fees to collect unpaid accounts.


All claims must be made within 10 days of receipt of order. Shipping damages must be reported to the shipping company immediately with notification to Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter by mail or fax.

Return Policy:

Merchandise returns must be made within 15 days of purchase / receipt of goods with prior arrangement through Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter.  All taxes duties, shipping and handling are non-refundable. Customer will be charged a 10% restocking fee for all returns that are not the result of error on the part of Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter.
Exchange Policy:
Merchandise exchanges must be made / addressed to and approved by Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter within 15 days of purchase / receipt of goods.  All taxes, duties, shipping and handling are non-refundable.  Receipt / invoice is required for exchanges.
All merchandise for exchange must be in original purchased condition.  A restocking fee of 10% may apply for all merchandise for exchange not received in their original purchased condition.
When applicable, Customer will be charged shipping and handling for all exchanges that are not the result of error on the part of Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter.  Customer must make sure all merchandise for exchange is well packed and insured for their full dollar amount.
All exchanges are to be for the equal dollar amount of the original purchased merchandise.  Should exchanges exceed the dollar amount of the original purchased merchandise, Customer will pre-pay the balance of the additional merchandise along with any taxes, duties, shipping and handling that may apply.

Shipping and Handling Charges:

Order Total DOES NOT include the cost of shipping and handling.  Shipping and handling is a separate charge that is added after the Order Total.  Orders that total $20.00 and under shipping and handling is $5.00.  Orders which total above $20.00 shipping and handling is 7% of total with an $9.00 minimum.  Some shipping zones may exceed minimum and shipping companies used by Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter may increase their prices without notice.  Customers will be charged accordingly.  Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter usually ships via  USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx (Federal Express) or UPS (United Parcel Service).  Once order is shipped, Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter is not responsible for any delays in shipping and/or any damage and/or loss once shipping company has delivered order to destination.  Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers Pewter reserves the right to send partial shipment.
Willow's Treasures / Three Feathers PewterTrade Mark Retail Conditions and Terms of Sale is subject to change without notice.

12 East Jackson Street

Millersburg, Ohio 44654-1214

1-330-674-0404 phone & fax



Please remember, we handmake our pewter.
All measurements are approximate.
All items are priced for each unless otherwise specified.


B018RT 4" Sherbet, Baby, Kid $35.00
B019RT Plain Porringer $45.00
B020RT 6" Self-footed $70.00
B021RT 6" Salad $48.00
B022RT 7 3/4" Flared $70.00
B023RT Soup $70.00
B025RT Dregs Bowl $70.00
B026RT Footed Dregs Bowl $80.00
B066RT Small Revere $50.00
B067RT Footed Revere $100.00
B068RT Fancy Porringer $48.00
B069FRT Quaiche, Fancy Handle $68.00
B069PRT Quaiche, Plain Handle $68.00
B070RT Small Porringer $42.00
B071RT Large Porringer $100.00


PLATES & TRAYS         
P009RT 10" Flat Rim $80.00
P010RT 8" Flat Rim $65.00
P011RT 6" Flat Rim $45.00
P014RT 7" High Rim Tray $48.00
P015RT 4 1/2" High Rim Tray $40.00


CS043RT Pocket $45.00
CS044RT Chamber $55.00
CS070RT Rose $48.00
CS070LRT Lotus $52.00
CS071RT Ringed Chamber $80.00


BL-001-RT Scotch / Brandy $14.00
BL-002-RT Vodka / Gin $14.00
BL-003-RT Bourbon / Rye $14.00
BL-004-RT Blank / Blank $14.00


DV001RT 6 oz. Traditional Wine Goblet $65.00
DV002RT 8 oz. Traditional Water Goblet $75.00
DV004RT 3 oz. Punch Cup / Kids Cup $40.00
DV005RT 2 oz. Jefferson Cup $18.00
DV006RT 4 oz. Jefferson Cup $25.00
DV007RT 8 oz. Jefferson Cup $35.00
DV009RT Baby Cup $45.00
DV010RT Shot Cup $18.00
DV010BRT Shot Cup Brushed $18.00
DV011RT Cordial Goblet $55.00
DV012RT Tumbler / Mint Julep Cup $55.00
DV013RT Curved Beaker $50.00
DV014RT Domestic Cup $80.00
DV016RT Footed Beaker $55.00
DV087RT Coddle Cup $50.00


M049RT Short Stem Flower $60.00
M050RT Mini-vase $50.00
M051RT Coaster $16.00


S015C-RT Butter / Cheese (C)lam Finial $85.00
S015F-RT Butter / Cheese (F)leur Finial $85.00
S015V-RT Butter / Cheese (V)ictorian Finial $85.00
S015K-RT Butter / Cheese(K)nob Finial $85.00
S017-RT Wine Coaster $85.00
S068C-RT Margarine Tub (C)lam Finial $85.00
S068F-RT Margarine Tub (F)leur Finial $85.00
S068V-RT Margarine Tub (V)ictorian Finial $85.00
S068K-RT Margarine Tub (K)nob Finial $85.00


SC026RT Porringer Salt Cellar $16.00
SC027RT Plain Salt Cellar $12.00
SC028RT Revere Salt Cellar $24.00


SP029C-RT Salt Spoon  Clam $12.00
SP029R-RT Salt Spoon Rattail $12.00
SP029S-RT Salt Spoon Snuff $12.00
SP032C-RT Demitasse Clam $22.00
SP032G-RT Demitasse Grape $22.00
SP032P-RT Demitasse Plain $22.00
SP032R-RT Demitasse Rattail $22.00
SP035RT Child $26.00
SP036RT Long Handle Baby Spoon / Jam Jar Spoon $26.00
SP037RT Condiment  / Small Ladle $26.00
SP040RT Swizzle / Bar Spoon $26.00
SP065RT Haupt Server $40.00
SP085RT Pilgrim/Seal $40.00


M056RT Knife, Hors d'oeuvre $14.00
M057RT Leaf $14.00
M080RT Knife/Fork (Knork) $24.00
M089RT Pusher $18.00


M090RT St. Mark, Hors d'oeuvre $14.00
M091RT Fleur, Hors d'oeuvre $14.00
M092RT Rampant Lion, Hors d'oeuvre $14.00


NR052RT Cast Round $16.00
NR053RT Plain Round $16.00
NR054RT Plain Oval $16.00
NR061RT Round Brushed $16.00


DESK ACCESSORIES               
DA001RT Weeping Heart Letter Opener $26.00
DA002RT Horseshoe Letter Opener $26.00
DA010RT Business Card Holder $30.00
DA030RT Bookmark - Narrow $14.00
DA031RT Bookmark - Wide $20.00