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Buttons Animals

Please remember, we handmake our pewter.
All measurements are approximate.
All items are priced for each unless otherwise specified.


All buttons $1.00 each ~ 50 + combined $0.95 each
Carded buttons are $6.50 per card (6 buttons on each card)


Individual button orders less than 25 of each type of button are sold per card of 6 of each type of button.


Button Sizes Key
L   =  Large
M   =  Medium

S  =  Small


Buttons for Ritual, reenactment and modern day clothing.
All of our buttons are hand cast in molds which we make.  Most are done from historic originals or developed from historic photographs and drawings.
All buttons and shanks are cast as one piece.  All shanks are guaranteed for life with proper care.


Button Dog Head
Button Two Dog Heads
Dog Head ~ S-5/8"
2 Dog Heads ~ S-5/8"
Item # B-0380S-RT
Item # B-0390S-RT
Button Bear
Button Bear Paw
Bear ~ L-1 1/4"
Bear Paw ~ M-3/4"
Item # B-0931L-RT
Item # B-0903M-RT
Button Dragon Domed
Button Dragon Flat
Domed Dragon ~ M-3/4"
Flat Dragon ~ S-5/8"
Item # B-0050M-RT
Item # B-0051S-RT
Button Elk
Button Horse Two Holes
Elk ~ M-3/4"
Horse 2 Hole ~ S-5/8"
Item # B-0905M-RT
Item # B-0250S-RT
Button Hummingbird
Button Stag
Hummingbird ~ L-1"
Stag ~ L-1"
Item # B0210L-RT
Item # B0907L-RT
Button Sheep
Button Ram
Sheep ~ L-1 1/4"
Ram ~ M-13/16"
Item # B-0060L-RT
Item # B-0070M-RT
Button Rampant Lion
Button Lizard Oval
Rampant Lion ~ L-1 1/4"
Lizard ~ S-1/2 x 1"
Item # B-0080L-RT
Item # B-0900S-RT
Button Mouse Paw
Mouse Paw ~ M-3/4"
Item # B-0902M-RT